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and video games. Though he hasn't yet made it to Mars, he loves to travel and has lived in Germany twice.  He currently works for Dragonsteel Entertainment as Brandon Sanderson's art director, and has created many of the maps and symbols related to Brandon's works.

Isaac hasn't yet found the sled dog team of his dreams (he's discovered he prefers warm climates to cold), but he did marry the woman of his dreams. They live in Utah with their four children and two weird cats.


Photo by Rebecca Johnson

During the course of his life, Isaac Stewart has had more dreams than there are freckles on his back. When he was eight, he wanted to invent faster-than-light travel. At eleven, he dreamed of being the first person on Mars. At thirteen, he thought there could be nothing better than owning a sled-dog team and winning the Iditarod. Despite these passing obsessions, one dream never left him: He wanted to write and illustrate books.

Since then, Isaac has lived in the Philippines as a missionary, graduated with a BFA from BYU, and has worked for two decades in publishing, entertainment,

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